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Cleveland, OH /

Augment Your Reality

Tech Elevator 7100 Euclid Ave., Suite 140 , Cleveland, OH (map)

Tech Elevator will host Marty Addante and Nathan Staab, who will present an introduction to Unity, and both augmented and virtual reality.

In Nate and Marty's own words:

We will give an introduction of how both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are used today. Spanning everything from Apple's release of ARKit to Case Western's use of the Hololens for training surgeons. We will spend the bulk of the presentation showing how to get started with Unity and make your first application, and then how to build your first application for desktop as well as mobile.

Unity is currently the go to for almost all applications that use AR/VR. This includes games like PokemonGO from Niantic, and Haunting: A Witching Hour from Enyx. The best way to describe Unity is as a 2 part IDE. Most simple applications in Unity can be created without writing much code. So at the end of this presentation you will see where to start with Unity and how easy it is to build a working application. AR and VR are here to stay and they present very unique opportunities for developers. We hope to show you that.


Marty Addante is a Java Developer at Equity Trust. I work a lot with FileNet as well as Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. I have been working on side projects for Android that make use of augmented reality. In addition, I have built non-augmented Unity apps.

Nathan Staab is a Java Developer at Equity Trust. I am currently working mostly with Angular. In my spare time I am working on a handful of augmented reality applications focused on experimenting with Apple's X-code and ARKit for iOS development.

Both Marty and Nate are graduates of Tech Elevator.


Tech Elevator is located inside the Baker Electric Building, Suite 140. Free parking is available in the gated lot behind (south side) the building, accessible from East 71st Street. There is also a Health Line stop directly in front of the building at the corner of East 71st and Euclid Ave. Entrance is at the back of the building.


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